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Where to start....

We believe you should have an opportunity to discover if our practice is right for you. It is for this reason that we offer a Complimentary Consultation in the first instance when new people enter the practice.

During your consultation two things will happen

1.      We will get to know you and your health concerns as well as your health goals.

2.      You will get to know us and how our unique approach may help you.

If you feel we are the right fit for your situation, and if we determine you are a candidate for our unique approach to care, you will have the opportunity to proceed with a complete Neurostructural Examination, either straight after your consultation or at your convenience on a future date.

We understand our office is not for everyone. If our office is not the right fit for your situation or if we feel we cannot help, then we will refer you to the proper specialist to address your health concerns. Once again, there is no charge for our consultation.

To schedule your appointment call (03) 5931 3300 and one of our friendly Chiropractic Assistants will find a suitable time for you.

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