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Neurostructural vs Traditional Chiropractic

Neurostructural Correction clears up communication between your brain and body, allowing your body to function at its optimum.

Traditional Chiropractic:

If you have ever been to a chiropractor chances are you have received traditional chiropractic, as this is what most chiropractors do. Traditional chiropractic focuses on relieving pain as a symptom (a secondary condition), without addressing the underlying issues that prevent pain from recurring (the primary condition). This type of approach can provide some symptom relief, though this is usually temporary as it does not address the deeper issue.

Neurostructural Chiropractic:

At Optimum Chiropractic, our focus is Neurostructural Correction. Neurostructural Correction focuses on normalising your spine's structure and the function of your nervous system. A great way to understand Neurostructural Correction is to think of the spine like a foundation for a house. If the foundation was weak you would eventually end up with creaky floors, cracked walls and windows or doors that don't close properly. If you walked into a house in this condition and started patching all the damage, would you expect these problems to go away for good? Of course not - before long you would have cracks creeping back in and floorboards creaking as you walk. The damage is secondary to the root cause - the weak or damaged foundation.

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