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The Primary Condition: What is a Structural Shift?

At Optimum Chiropractic, we thoroughly assess indications of the health of your spine and nerve system. If your spine and nerve system health is outside of the normal range, then this can indicate the presence of a deeper problem, which may lead to the expression of secondary conditions - e.g. pain, headache, numbness etc. We don’t expect you to be 100% perfect, but we do want you to be closer to ‘normal’ than ‘abnormal'...

Most people understand the concept of a "normal" body temperature. There is an ideal value (37°C), but also a range that is acceptable; not everyone's "normal" will be exactly the same. A body temperature outside of this acceptable range may be an indication of a deeper problem – such as a viral or bacterial infection.
The same principle applies to indications of spinal health. An abnormal displacement of your structural foundation impairs the body's messaging system and reduces the ability of the body to function at its best. If left long enough, it can lead to expression of
secondary conditions, or "symptoms".

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